Aluminum folding door

75 Series folding-style design, it makes the maximum opening for outdoor landscape, unimpeded and wide view.

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·  Folding-style design, it makes the maximum opening for outdoor landscape, unimpeded and wide view.

·  It uses the widened and thickened seal rubbers for door panels on better sealing performance. It has anti-clamping function to project family in safety.

·  Double glass can effectively reduce the vibration resonance and block the noise transmission,

It makes the indoor environment comfortable.

·  Bottom tracks use dual water-proof and draining system, that thoroughly solve the leakage problem of aging

·  12mm width of aluminum strips ensure the connection tightness and sound-insulation effect. It has multiple wind and waterproof designs with sound-proof, dust-proof and water-proof functions.

·  It uses SUS304 stainless steel guiding tracks, each hinge can load 80KG and work 100000 times without damage.

·  5mm double-layers fully sealed automotive grade safety glass, with chemical molecular sieves, argon inflated, and dual sealing, it ensure better sealing performance.

·  Exquisite lock with smooth outlines, it feels comfortable, The beauty of aluminum alloy and retro style is combined into the handle.

·  Handle lock outline is steady and elegant, it feels smooth when working.


Frame Thickness: 1.8mm frame thickness,track can be 50mm or 25mm high

Glass Thickness: 5mm+18A+5mm

Glass Fabrication: Moisture-proof aluminum strips+ Molecular sieve + weather resistant glue

Special Process Customized: Full screen glass, half glass plus half plates, full plates, stainless steel wire mesh, manual blinds

Separable Door Frame Cover: Width 78mm

Upper Track Height: 47mm(sliding door) 67mm(top-hung sliding door)

Door Sash Width: 75mm

Door Sash Thickness: 40mm

Retractable Door Sleeve Cover: Thickness 75mm

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