Low price casement door series aluminum glass casement door for home

Low price casement door series aluminum glass casement door for home

For a door with a high level of security, you may want to consider the aluminum glass casement door. Glass casement windows have a higher level of security than other types of doors. Casement doors can be used with locks for high security and make sure you are living in the safe home.

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It is important to choose a entry door that is safe and durable against theft, but also aesthetically pleasing. Tempered glass of the glass casement door settings are well closed and can be well insulated from the outside world, so that you are not disturbed by the outside world, and the use of superior locks to ensure security.

    Model: 75 series entry door/casement door

  Aluminum:  1.8mm wall thickness, gray color.(other color available).

    Glass: 5+12A+5mm clear tempered glass

    Hardware: Include all the hardware which quality guaranty 10 years

Foshan Pavida Windows & Doors Co., LTD  was founded in 2013,put our heart into manufacturing the Heavy-Duty Sliding and  Casement window Casement door , Sunlight Room Series,  Folding doors , Thermal Break Window & Door  series,providing high quality products with efficient and convenient services.

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Buy China Casement Doors From Foshan Pavida

We at Foshan Pavida Windows & Doors Co., LTD are a leading aluminium door manufacturer in china market. Our product ranges from premium aluminum casement door to all varieties of Aluminum Door Series that you can find like Aluminum Casement Doors, Aluminum Sliding Doors, Aluminum Folding Doors, and other types that you can think off. We have been one of the best aluminium door suppliers in the current market due to better production strategies and manufacturing standards. Our brand comes up with china casement doors both innovated on design and efficiency while keeping prices under the line.

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Foshan Pavida Windows & Doors Co., LTD has been manufacturing aluminium casement doors china for about 8 long years and has quality experience in the field. All of its products are well popular, competitive in the real market, and have attained great stats in sales. Likewise, we have a large domain of aluminum casement door design products including 2.0 Heavy duty sliding door with mesh, 83 series aluminum casement door for bathroom, Aluminum folding door, Australia standard aluminum windows and doors commercial soundproof bifold doors, Bifold door, Clear glass Customized frame aluminum living room sliding door, and other models that might be of your interest. Our doors, windows, and other products are well tested and inspected right from the manufacturing units for possible quality issues and defects.

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We at Foshan Pavida Windows & Doors Co., LTD have been a premium aluminium door manufacturer in china both on the low cost and premium side. Our door and window designs follow the latest production strategies in the market with the enhanced precision finish and quality rather than quirky features and low price. Searching for your ideal aluminium door suppliers that bring the great, price to aluminum casement door for your home? Well, we at Foshan Pavida Windows & Doors Co., LTD manufacture world-class china casement doors suitable for all types of homes.


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