Clear glass Customized frame aluminum living room sliding door

Clear glass Customized frame aluminum living room sliding door

The living room is the place to receive guests and entertainment exchange, and has high requirements for lighting. Installing a sliding door in the outdoor balcony with good light transmission can maximize the outside light to the living room and improve the lighting in the living room, which is also convenient for air circulation.

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Clear tempered glass is highly light-filled and can fill your living room with sunlight. The sliding door can open the door to a large extent to promote air circulation, increase fresh air, providing you with a comfortable environment!

    Model: 1.4 Sliding door

    Aluminum: 1.4mm wall thickness, yellow pear  color.

    Glass: 5+12A+5mm clear tempered

    Hardware:  Include all the German brand hardware  which quality warranty 10 years

Foshan Pavida Windows & Doors Co., LTD was founded in 2013,put our heart into manufacturing the Heavy-Duty Sliding and Casement window& door,Sunlight Room Series, Folding doors,Thermal Break Window & Door series,providing high quality products with efficient and convenient services.

Living Room Aluminium Doors

Where Can You Get Aluminum Sliding Door For The Living Room In China?

Foshan Pavida Windows & Doors Co., LTD has been supplying classic living room sliding door types and variants for quite a time now. Our priority is focused on improving your product experience to the next level. And it includes bringing state-of-the-art Living Room Aluminium Doors products available in the market. We at Foshan Pavida had adapted to new age production methods utilized for aluminum sliding door for living room without the features. The doors are designed to be readily durable, long-lasting high-quality material tracks, good construction perks, and other perks.

Aluminium Sliding Door For Living Room

The company brings all varieties of Aluminum Door Series that you can find like Aluminum Casement Doors, Aluminum Sliding Doors, Aluminum Folding Doors, and metal windows like Aluminum Awning Windows, Aluminum Casement Window, Aluminum Sliding Windows, Aluminum Blind Windows, Aluminum folding windows that are available for purchasing. We have our own design professionals employed in our company responsible for bringing better Living Room Aluminium Doors products both for average and premium buyers. Our sliding doors are widely competitive in the market due to their astounding appearance, solid-looking colors, and state-of-the-art metal finishes. We provide a long list of premium sliding door types like 2.0 Heavy duty sliding door with mesh, Clear glass Customized frame aluminum living room sliding door, Customized slim framed exterior double tempered glass sliding door, Excellent sound insulation glass kitchen door for sale, and other products available in china.

We at Foshan Pavida Windows & Doors Co., LTD also bring tons of variants of premium looking aluminum sliding door for living room and other kinds of rooms. Thus, if you are looking for quality sliding doors for your new home or old home, you don’t have to look further. Foshan Pavida brings premium sliding doors that with great safety features as well as the premium looks of metal construction to make your home look more beautiful.


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