Modern design safety aluminum Curtain Wall for sale

Modern design safety aluminum Curtain Wall for sale

Aluminum curtain wall art effect, architects can design a variety of shapes according to their own needs, can be presented in different colors, in harmony with the surrounding environment, with light, etc. so that the building and nature as one, so that high -rise buildings to reduce the sense of oppression.

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Laminated tempered glass can be brought with the absolute security of the curtain wall so that you don’t have to be worry about the problem of easy-broken, and the glass material is easy to clean, repair or renew.

聽 聽 Model : curtain wall

聽 聽 Aluminum: 聽1.6mm-2mm thickness(Powder coating/Aluminum oxide,/Fluorocarbon)

聽 聽 Glass :4+0.76pvb+4/5+0.76pvb+5 laminated tempered glass(color:tinted/reflective/low E)

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