Multi-design aluminum laminated glass bi-fold door, folding door

Multi-design aluminum laminated glass bi-fold door, folding door

Aluminum profile materials ensure moisture-proof, sunlight-proof and corrosion-proof; high quality fittings ensure long-turn use;  heart insulation performance ensure the fresh air. No need to fear rain leaks or incoming storms, it’s safe and stable. The bright and transparent design bi-fold door allows you to enjoy the view and sunshine every day.

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Aluminum track: 2.5~3mm wall thickness,powder coating  gray color.(other color avaliable).

Glass:laminated tempered clear glass 4+0.76pvb+4mm

Hardware:Include all the hardware which which warranty 10 years

•saving space

Bi-fold door can be fold, pulled or pushed flexibly, which can effectively save the space of using the doors.


The advanced laminated glass together with the precision casting can maximize safety and artistic.  It also  provide the maximum opening for outdoor landscape, unimpeded and wide view. There are varies of colors available.

•UV filtering function

The unique UV filtering function of laminated glass not only protects people’s skin health, but also protects your valuable furniture from fading of color.

•effective soundproof

Double glass can effectively reduce the vibration resonance and block the noise transmission, maintain a quiet and comfortable office environment.


 Bottom tracks use dual water-proof and draining system, that thoroughly solve the leakage problem of aging. After the surface treatment of aluminum materials, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and sun-proof, not easy to deformation.

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