Product Tag - Slim frame sliding door

  • Customized slim framed exterior double tempered glass sliding door

    Do you find the regular glass sliding door style too monotonous and the wide frame will block your view and the whole style will look drab and boring. You can try a slim frame sliding door that will solve these problems.

  • Professional design custom slim frame sliding door for home

    Want to wake up with an all-around, unobstructed view of the outside world and enjoy the sunshine. The Fashion simple and transparent custom slim frame sliding door is the perfect choice for you.

  • Slim frame aluminum frame balcony sliding door

    People can see the outside world through the balcony, balcony sliding door can block the intrusion of noise, wind and rain, and bring you warmth. Slim frame sliding door enable you to see the wider world.

  • Slim frame sliding door

    Slim frame sliding door is hot-sale and high-end patented product from Pavida in 2019. It’s concise and never needs to be flaunted, it is a kind of simple to do the ultimate beauty, do not need surplus colors to render, also do not need complex elements to pile up, only for the return of life to the pure essence, with minimalist design to create unlimited imagination